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Palace Hotel Group's Personal Information Protection Policy

1. Establishing and Maintaining Compliance Program
Palace Hotel Group ("PHG") is committed to establishing a compliance program that obligates its directors and employees including staff members borrowed from outsourcing personnel agents, etc. ("the employed").
2. Appointment and Authorization of Personal Information Administrator
"PHG" appoints a Personal Information Administration Officer who is top responsible for the PHG's personal information protection. The authority of such Officer is to be clearly defined in the corporate organization and the Officer is to receive organizational support so that he or she may be able to properly manage the responsibility of personal information protection.
3. Establishing In-house Rules & Regulations
"PHG" establishes in-house rules and regulations to protect the privacy of personal information and establishes a clear policy for handling personal information. "PHG" notifies all "the employed" that their leakage of information and similar acts shall be subject to severe penalties.
4. Information Security Measures
"PHG" is determined to take necessary measures both for maintaining accurate and secure personal information and for preventing improper access to, loss, destruction, falsification and/or leakage of personal information.
5. Reviewing and Improving of Outsourcing System
"PHG" is will continue to review and improve its outsourcing procedures, in order to ensure the security of the privacy of personal information. In concluding contracts with outsourcing agents, "PHG" thoroughly reviews its outsourcing agents from the viewpoint of their qualification and capability to protect personal information.
6. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
"PHG" declares its strict compliance with the governmental laws, guidelines and standards concerning protection of personal information.
7. Intensified Education of Related Staff
"PHG" will educate all staff members who handle personal information so that they fully understand the importance of information security.
8. Reviewing and Improving of Internal Auditing Function
"PHG" will continue to review and improve its internal auditing function by introducing an organizational mechanism to review whether the systems and procedures for protecting personal information are properly operated or not.
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Palace Hotel Group's Personal Information Protection Policy
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