1-1-1 Marunouchi. Chiyoda Ward. Tokyo.
A venerable site encompassed within Japan’s historical center of power for centuries – and the birthplace of Palace Hotel Co., Ltd.

Blessed with the beauty of four seasons and dedicated to honoring the nature that surrounds, we have devoted over half a century to continuously immersing ourselves in the unique aesthetics of our country since the company’s founding in 1960.

With values rooted in sincerity and gratitude, we infuse grace and beauty into every detail.

With mutual respect, we work in harmony to exceed expectations – transforming the everyday into joyful moments.

The delight that results resonates, becoming an indelible memory deeply engraved in the heart.

With heartfelt sincerity and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our spirit of hospitality stirs sensibilities among all those with whom we have the privilege to connect – whether by chance or by fate. This is our mission at Palace Hotel Co., Ltd.

We believe in our purpose to cultivate the essence of Japan – capturing hearts and achieving unrivaled distinction by epitomizing Japanese hospitality with inimitable authenticity.


With heartfelt sincerity and an unwavering commitment to excellence, its Japanese spirit stirs sensibilities.


To establish distinction as the hospitality group that captures hearts by epitomizing the essence of Japan with inimitable authenticity.


・Meet every circumstance with sincerity and gratitude.
・Infuse grace and beauty into every detail.
・Take initiative. Act swiftly. Always follow through.
・Be curious. Challenge yourself. Keep evolving.
・Show respect and work in harmony as a team.
・Be flexible in every situation. Adapt readily to change.
・Believe in your purpose. Exceed expectations.
・Find joy in every moment.